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Isshinryu Karate with Margie Heavlow

Margie Heavlow
When she is not leading students in Character lessons in the classroom, Coach Margie Heavlow enjoys teaching martial arts as the head instructor and owner of the Eastern Shore Isshinryu Karate School LLC.  Margie embraces continuous development as an active member of the United States Isshinryu Karate Association and a student of Grand Master Phil Little.
Eastern Shore Isshinryu Karate School
provides professional martial arts instruction for children and adults to build confidence in their ability to defend themselves and loved ones against harm. Margie works with her students through instructional training to build self esteem and develop a peaceful attitude, an alert mind, a strong body, and a vigorous spirit. 

Margie knows what it means to be involved in our Kent County community, you may have seen her leading her school in a Karate Demonstration at Galena’s Dogwood Festival Parade in May. Perhaps you passed by the Eastern Shore Isshinryu Karate School booth at the Kent County Resource Fair. Maybe you even noticed how they support Big Brothers Big Sisters by offering a discount for children in this program who want to participate in Summer Camp or Karate School. Be on the lookout, I hear the Eastern Shore Isshinryu Karate School is coming to the Betterton Day Parade in August.
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