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On Safari with Lisa Starkey


Kent County Middle School Character Coach Lisa Starkey recently spent two weeks on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania,  we caught up with her to to learn more about her love of travel. 

Why do you like to travel?

I like to spend money on experiences, rather than things. My daughter and I travel together – it is a great way to spend time together outside of the everyday routine. She and I might never remember an expensive pair of boots we bought, but we always have our trip memories. We’ve zip-lined over a rainforest, flown in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti, seen a volcano erupt, swam with dolphins… these are things we will never forget and we did them together. Like the Visa commercial our experiences together are PRICELESS!

Do you feel it is important to travel?
I think you have to like to travel – there are plenty of people who are homebodies and never leave their hometown. It’s not for everyone. If you enjoy travelling, it’s great to see other countries, and cultures. In our travels my daughter and I have met people who are very different from us, and people who are quite similar. We always come home feeling very blessed  to live in the time and place we live in.

You recently spent two weeks in Africa, what were your favorite parts of the trip?Every day we went on safari in these huge Range Rovers, looking for animals. It never got old. We took over a thousand pictures. Sometimes the animals were 10 feet away…it was amazing. The hot air balloon ride at sunrise was incredible. We were not that high, and the animals below didn’t like the sound the blowers were making so they were running and making their own sounds. We also went horseback riding in the Kenya National Park. There were antelope and zebras just roaming around with us.

What would your advice be for someone looking to go on Safari?

Save extra and go with a reputable tour company… Take a good camera and a backup and lots of memory cards…Prepare to be amazed!

So, where will you go next?
Our bucket list includes “Visiting every continent”. Australia will probably be next, in a few years. In the meantime, we will give our passports a rest and take a trip to Alaska this summer.

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